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Asphalt Plant Dust Filters

Asphalt plant ancillary dust collection equipment

Asphalt plants of all types require systems for controlling and collecting the airborne dust emissions produced during the drying and handling process. The particulates collected from the dryer exhaust are usually retained and refed into the asphalt mixing process where they are included as part of the asphalt product recipe.

Two stage systems are generally employed to remove the coarse and fine particulates separately from the air flow and they can be defined as follows:

Primary Dust Collection

Parker includes two options for the primary dust collection process and these are usually defined by their use in static or mobile versions of the asphalt plant.

Skimmer systems are better suited to static installations where space practicality and plant layout allows or alternatively multi-cyclone systems mounted as assemblies are ideal for combining within the dryer section of the plant on mobile equipment.

Both skimmer and cyclone systems are designed to remove coarse dust between 75 and 200 µm with the collected particulates reintroduced into the mix and ensuring that wear to the exhaust ducting and secondary stage filter is minimized.


Secondary Dust Collection

Parker secondary bag filter systems are guaranteed to deliver dust emission levels of less than 20 mg/m³ and enables asphalt plants to be sited in the most environmentally sensitive locations.

Reverse air cleaning of the high temperature resistant bags eliminates the need for a high pressure cleaning system and as such the operational life of the filter bags is extended.

Modular static and transportable bag filters types are available along with fully mobile designs, all of which will collect and transfer the minus 75 µm reclaimed dust for use as reclaimed filler material within the asphalt plant or allow for separate dust disposal.

All ancillary items for transfer, storage and disposal of materials can be supplied to compliment the dust collection systems range.

A comprehensive range of filter cages can be found at Modern Air Systems

static bag filter
mobile bag filter

Baghouse systems are available for mobile, transportable or static installations.

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