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RoadStar 1500 / 2000 / 3000
Mobile Asphalt Plants

Mobility, efficiency, reliability and speed. Producing the highest quality asphalt in a wide range of mixes.

3 chassis configuration portable/mobile wheeled asphalt batch mixing plants with outputs from 80 to 240 TPH.

The RoadStar combines quality and mobility to provide one of the most reliable and easily transported asphalt mixing plants available anywhere in the world.

Designed to satisfy the needs of contractors who demand nothing less than the best quality asphalt which is within specification at all times, the RoadStar is the ideal solution for major road and motorway construction projects. Requiring minimal foundations the RoadStar has been a particular favourite for many international airport surfacing contracts across the world.

The three main units of the plant - cold feed, dryer and mixing sections - are fully mobile and on arrival at site can be brought quickly into operation. Their field proven design offers high reliability with low maintenance.


Easily Transportable

Designed with total mobility in mind, each chassis can be easily transported from site-to-site and rapidly put back into operation.

Chassis Landing Legs

Minimum foundations are required for installation as each unit has landing legs with support bases to ensure adequate stability.

Multi Hopper Mobile Cold Feed

Multi-hopper, road mobile cold feed unit with built in collecting conveyor and dryer feed conveyor. Direct drive geared motor units give high reliability. Accurate variable speed control via AC motor and inverter.

High Efficiency Aggregate Dryer

Road mobile unit with high efficiency internal lifter design, optional insulated and clad drum. Integrated primary dust cyclones and highly efficient burner all on one chassis.

Low Level Mobile Mixing Section

Low-level, mobile unit with integral vertical hot elevator, which folds down for travelling. Heavy duty screen with fully sealed dust housing. Batch weigh hoppers for aggregate, bitumen and filler; all load-cell mounted. Fully synchronised twin shaft direct geared paddle mixer.


  • Thermal insulation on the aggregate dryer drum
  • Heavy oil, gas or multi-fuel burners
  • Mobile or transportable secondary dust filtration systems
  • Mobile/static bitumen, filler or mixed material storage systems
  • Hydraulic jacking legs to raise the mixing section


  Units RS1500 RS2000 RS3000
Plant Capacity
Output* tph 120 160 240
Cold Feed
Hopper Capacity (heaped) 10.0 10.0 12.0
Hopper Loading Width m 3.0 3.0 3.5
Belt Feeder Length m 1.7 1.7 1.7
Belt Width mm 500 500 650
Belt Feeder Drive kW 2.2 2.2 3.0
Vibrator Fitted to Sand Hopper   YES YES YES
Collecting Conveyor Width mm 500 650 650
Collecting Conveyor Drive kW 5.5 5.5 7.5
Aggregate Dryer
Dryer Drum Diameter m 1.8 2.2 2.5
Dryer Drum Length m 7.0 8.0 9.0
Dryer Drive kW 30.0 4 x 15.0 4 x 22.0
Dryer Capacity tph 140 180 260
Air Volume
Dryer m³/h 41,885 62600 80,760
Mixing Section Including Filler Silo m³/h 9,550 9,990 12,600
Total m³/h 51,435 72,590 93,360
Hot Stone Elevator, Screen & Mixing Section
Elevator Capacity tph 130 170 240
Elevator Drive kW 7.5 11.0 15.0
Screen Decks No. 2 (4 size + rejects) 2 (4 size + rejects) 2 (4 size + rejects)
Screen Length m 4.0 5.0 6.0
Screen Width m 1.5 1.8 2.1
Screen Drive kW 7.5 11.0 18.5
Hot Storage Capacity t 12 17.7 28
Hot Storage Bins No. 4 4 4
Batch Elevator Capacity tph 130 170 240
Batch Elevator Drive kW 7.5 7.5 15.0
Aggregate Weigh Hopper Capacity kg 1500 2000 3000
Bitumen Weigh Hopper Capacity kg 290 300 480
Filler Weigh Hopper Capacity kg 320 350 630
Paddle Mixer Capacity kg 1500 2000 3000
Paddle Mixer Drive kW 2 x 18.5 2 x 22.0 2 x 37.0

*Plant capacity is based on 3% moisture content of feed aggregate with 0.5% residual moisture content of mixed materials, dryer discharge temperature of 160°C, ambient temperature 15°C at altitude 150m above sea level, aggregate bulk density average 1600kg/ m³, 5% bitumen content, 45 second weigh/mix cycle at 100% plant utilisation.

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RoadStar Range 1500/2000/3000
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RoadStar 1500
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RoadStar 2000
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RoadStar 3000