SURFACE DRESSINGBitumen Emulsion Distributors & Sprayers

Parker supply a comprehensive range of binder distributors which cover all aspects of bitumen and bitumen emulsion application such as surface dressing and bond coat application.

The available range of spray bars enables customers to carry out a comprehensive range of contract types.




Tank capacities from 3,000 to 18,000 litres are offered and three shape configurations allow ease of vehicle mounting. The tanks are insulated using high density insulation and can be offered with stainless or galvanised steel cladding. The tanks are supplied complete with a submersible binder pump which can be driven by auxiliary engine or PTO. All pipework is included to enable loading, off-loading, circulation and application of the product.

  • 3,000 to 18,000 litre tank capacities available
  • Different tank configurations for ease of vehicle mounting
  • 100mm high density insulation clad with stainless or galvanised steel
  • Facilities to load, circulate and discharge product
  • Direct reading contents gauge
  • Internally cross braced with baffles
  • An optional hydraulically driven internal stirrer can be supplied to ensure product remains homogeneous

Heating Methods

Two options for heating the product are available; direct oil fired or indirect thermal oil heating. Both systems use high efficiency, fully automatic light fuel oil burners as the primary heat source.


Direct Oil Fired

  • Fitted with one or two burners depending on tank size
  • Replaceable protective flame tube liners
  • Fully automatic burner system powered by vehicle battery
  • Digital thermostat automatically regulates product temperature
  • Tank low level burner shut off
  • Thermometer fitted to tank for operator reference


Indirect Thermal Oil

  • Heating coil fitted into the tank for hot oil circulation
  • Removes the risk of localised hot spots degrading product
  • Direct oil fired heat exchange unit
  • Fully automatic burner driven from vehicle battery
  • Digital thermostat automatically regulates product temperature
  • Tank low level burner shut off
  • Thermometer fitted to tank for operator reference

Pump & Engine

Hydraulically driven submerged tank mounted product pump driven by auxiliary diesel engine.


Direct Oil Fired

  • 550 litres per minute submersible tank mounted pump
  • Hydraulically driven
  • Valves configured to allow loading, off-loading spray bar circulation and spraying
  • Pump driven by 21 kW auxiliary diesel engine
  • Option available to drive pump from a customer supplied vehicle P.T.O


Parker supply a range of spray bar types to cover all aspects of bitumen and emulsion application. Hydraulically extending, fixed width and fixed width with folding extension are available. The spray bars utilise either tangential swirl jets or the latest slot jet technology.



  • A low cost spraybar with a comprehensive specification
  • One man operation
  • Can be supplied as a fixed width bar with or without canopy
  • Also available as a fixed width bar with folding extensions
  • Utilises slot jet technology
  • Pre-selected valves can be pneumatically controlled from the cab
  • Manual operation to raise/lower the spraybar



  • A general purpose fixed width spray bar suitable for surface dressing and bond coat work
  • Designed for operation from the rear operator’s platform
  • Fitted with Parker’s high quality tangential swirl jets
  • Jets can be supplied with manual or pneumatic valves
  • Suitable for use with bitumen and emulsion


HyEx Bar

  • A highly specified extending spray bar suitable for surface dressing and bond coat work
  • Fully controllable from the cab of the vehicle
  • Optional rear platform and operator controls
  • Utilises slot jet technology with electropneumatically operated valves
  • 2.30 metre fixed centre section with left and right hand hydraulically controlled sections giving a maximum spray width of 4.00 metres
  • For use with bitumen or emulsion


  Units Distributor / Sprayer Configuration
Size* Litre 3,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 9,000 10,000 12,000 14,000 18,000
Tank Configurations
Cylindrical - - - - - -
Oval - - - - -
Maxi - - - - -
Heating System ¹
Single Burner Direct Oil Fired -
Twin Burner Direct Oil Fired -
Thermal Oil Heating -
Hydraulically Driven Pump ²
Hydraulic Drive From Auxiliary Engine -
From Vehicle P.T.O. -

⬤ = Standard equipment     = Optional equipment

* Intermediate sizes can be supplied that have not been listed above. Please contact Parker for further details.

¹ Power for the burners on the direct oil fired and thermal oil heating systems is supplied by the vehicle batteries.

² Pump flow rate is 550 Litres/min.

  Units Spraybar Configuration
Spraybar Embibar Ecobar 16 Ecobar 28 HyEx Spray Bar
Description - Fixed width spraybar utilising Cartem tangential swirl jets Fixed width spraybar utilising Cartem slot jets Spraybar with folding bilateral extension utilising Cartem slot jets Hydraulically extending spraybar utilising Cartem slot jets
Spray Jet Type - Swirl Slot Slot Slot
No. of Jets - 23 16 28 23
Jet Spacing mm 106 152 152 176
inches 4 1/4” 6” 6” 7”
Maximum Spray Width m 2.44 2.50 4.30 4.00
inches 96” 98 1/2” 169 1/4” 157 1/2”

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