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Concrete Plants

Mobile, containerised, modular & static concrete plants for wet & dry mix applications

Drawing from extensive experience and expertise in material processing, Parker has developed an advanced range of concrete plants from bespoke static installations to highly transportable wet and dry mix batching plants for producing any mix combinations according to specification.

Containerised Plants


ConStar 750 30m³/h

With a production capacity up to 30m³/h the ConStar 750 meets all the requirements for small to medium construction projects where there is a need for ready mixed or pre-cast concrete produced to the highest quality standards and with its compact containerised design, having the ability to transport / relocate the plant with the minimum of difficulty and cost.

Mobile Plants


ConStar 1500 50m³/h

The Parker ConStar 1500 is a fully road towable, single chassis design, mobile concrete batching plant with the ability to produce up to 50m³/h of quality mixed concrete and mortar products. With a full range of complimentary ancillary items of equipment for aggregate and cement storage and delivery, the ability to have a complete plant requiring minimal installation and site preparation is a perfect solution for many contracting projects.

Transportable / Static Plants


SiteMix Static Low Profile up to 80m³/h

Offering a unique approach to on-site concrete production the Parker SiteMix range introduces complete modular portability to wet and dry batch plant production.

Designed to be both low level and modular the transportable SiteMix is capable of quality production up to 80m³/h of compacted concrete. The static design, with capacities in excess of 120m³/h, uses some of the features of the SiteMix concept whilst allowing the ability for the plant to be tailor made to suit individual site and customer requirements.

All SiteMix models include the same complete range of supporting and additional ancillary equipment to provide and satisfy all operational, quality, environmental and control features required of a modern wet or dry mix concrete plant application


SiteMix Static High Level up to 200m³/h

The static design plants are bespoke, high capacity, static concrete plants that can be tailored to both ready mixed concrete and mortar applications and are capable of producing up to 200m3/h of high specification compacted concrete in full continuous operation.

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ConStar 750C
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ConStar 1500